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A collection of examples of output formats for researches with artistic means.

Mnemosyne reproduced

Une initiative de Roberto Ohrt, connu pour son travail sur les situ dans les années 80 (Phantom Avant-Garde), où il travaille avec des étudiants (je ne sais pas à quel point les sessions de travail sont ouvertes, mais elle sont annoncées sur le site) pour reproduire 1:1 les mnemosyne de Warburg.

Il essaient de reproduire les images, cherchant à comprendre aussi comment Warburg préparais ses images, puisqu’il ne les a pas toujours simplement découpées, mais parfois reproduites pour les avoir a la bonne taille.



I went to the show at Martin-Gropiusbau in Berlin dedicated to the russian constructivist art school, Vkhutemas. It had a beautiful sketch of a building just called public building, and no other description. I like the idea of the function being just “public”. I couldn’t take any pictures so you’ll have to imagine.

There were also the “constellations” students had to do for their diploma work, resembling a lot to Warburg’s panels. I found one on internet:

the full article is here.

Hybrid publishing

Interesting output of a research: A commissioned research to an art school and university about hybrid publishing, a manual and theoretical work, ends up in a hybrid format, book and ebook.

For background material, blog posts, videos and the software created within this Digital Publishing Toolkit project please visit:


AGORA in Berlin

This is the initiative I talked lately about. It is one house working with different kind of space and economies: self-managed café, individual co-working spaces, collective co-working space, cheap or even lent space for start-ups in ecological or social domains on a 6 months turn and a studio for a collective residency, AFFECT.