Sustainable education and bioeconomy

transformative education; engaged learning; tutorial and homebrew attitudes; art-based pedagogy ; critical education mapping ; alternative and/or radical pedagogies



Postcolonial Theory, Migrations and Border Studies, Postcolonial conditions, the arts of the contact zone

cosmopolitics ; political ecology ; migrations and borders studies; global arts ; identity micro-politics; the Europe continent democracy




Cultural and Visual Geographies

multicentered society ; urban subcultures; (in)visible cities; architecture re-qualifying habitat, investigative living, economy and design of living; urban ecology and radical gardening; civic utopias; geography of the night, globalization of urban culture ; art responding to the social community, locational identity


The care of the self towards a community of values (legal, economic and ethical forms)

the new stakes in law, ethics and economics in the experiences of  the «common » ; micropolitics, democracy in process ; critical economy; institutional politics, labour representation ; the « biopolitics ; institutional critique ; distributed governmentality; global hubs and networks


Ecological processes

Critical and artistic responses to the degradation of the biosphere, loss of the species and climate change ; cultural translation in sustainability ; permaculture ; ecosophy ; textures of the anthropocene ; future storytelling ; do it yourself (DIY) ; counterculture movement ; overconsumption and degrowth ; resource depletion ; ecological footprint;