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I went to the show at Martin-Gropiusbau in Berlin dedicated to the russian constructivist art school, Vkhutemas. It had a beautiful sketch of a building just called public building, and no other description. I like the idea of the function being just “public”. I couldn’t take any pictures so you’ll have to imagine.

There were also the “constellations” students had to do for their diploma work, resembling a lot to Warburg’s panels. I found one on internet:

the full article is here.


Chart on street art history

GRAFFITI & STREET ART diagram by Daniel Feral is a
75th Anniversary celebration of Alfred H. Barr’s CUBISM & ABSTRACT ART diagram.

A chart realized for a show in New York of which I only found a review. The space where the show took place is closed. It is interesting to see how formats link styles or schools.